Amsterdam scores in the FameLab competition

The FameLab competition is a renowned international science communication competition. Organized by the British Council, it is a creative, fun and effective way to communicate your science to a broad audience.

Earlier this year, UVA scientist Athira Menon (API, FNWI) won the national final of this year’s FameLab competition. You can watch a nice teaser of the Netherlands national final by clicking on this link.

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March for Science

On 22 April, scientists and supportersĀ of science will gather to celebrate science and to express their concern about the fact that science is under attack as scientific evidence is increasingly discarded by policy makers and opinion leaders. However, science is not “just another opinion”. It is a fundamental tool for seeking answers. It is what drives innovation. It allows objective evidence and rational thinking to replace superstition and prejudice. Around the world, hundreds of cities host a ‘March for Science’. In the Netherlands, the event is held at the Museumplein in Amsterdam from 12:00-16:00. ItĀ is supported by all Dutch Universities and many other sponsors.

The event will host keynote speakers, two teach-in tents where the general public (including kids!) can talk to scientists about why (basic) science is so important and how scientific progress is actually achieved as a result of the so-called ‘scientific method’. So whether you are a scientist or simply a science enthusiast, whether you are an expert or simply curious, whether you love building hypotheses or building bridges: step out of your bubble and join the March for Science.