Our final Issue – Issue #13

Issue #13 is now online! This issue marks the end of an era- it will be the final issue of Amsterdam Science magazine. In the editorial, editors in chief Michel Haring and Sabine Spijker explain why. Even though the team is stepping down, this last edition of Amsterdam science is still filled to the brim with great science stories!

These range from the theoretical depths of quantum mechanics to wildlife conservation strengthened by carbon credits. The elephant bull on the back cover is an icon for the notion that scientific research can contribute to
saving wild life on our planet. Similarly, you can read how our use of car tires is linked to tropical biodiversity. There is more biology in this issue: the visualization of how blood vessels orient themselves in our body (on the cover and explained in more detail on page 6), the biology of aging and how stress can make us look older, whether superfood like curcumin may help in treating epilepsy and what a plant “overpressure valve” looks like up close (centerfold).

The Sisters in Science explain how they want to be role models to promote that there is not just one image of a scientist. Of course there is a contribution of the effects of corona, this time about COVID rehabilitation and the problems associated with recovery. COVID is also touched upon in the interview with Daniel Bonn, the 2021 “Physicaprijs” winner. He explains how his work on complex fluids, more specifically aerosols, received so much
attention. He appears to have a talent for linking societal questions to fundamental physics research. In the column, this balance between freedom and responsibility is elaborated in a different perspective: how does industry influence the direction of fundamental research?

You can read the magazine on Issuu, download it as a PDF or pick up a physical copy at all the usual distribution spots. Enjoy!