Amsterdam scores in the FameLab competition

The FameLab competition is a renowned international science communication competition. Organized by the British Council, it is a creative, fun and effective way to communicate your science to a broad audience.

Earlier this year, UVA scientist Athira Menon (API, FNWI) won the national final of this year’s FameLab competition. You can watch a nice teaser of the Netherlands national final by clicking on this link.

Spoiler alert …

You can also watch Athira compete in the international finals on You Tube. The entire video is well worth watching (spoiler alert: the Netherlands came in as runner-up!), but if you want to, you can fast forward to watch Athira at around 44:00.

image credit: Joost Weddepohl

We are happy that Athira has decided to join our editorial board. Most of all, we hope that you are inspired to participate so that science and scientists from Amsterdam are well represented in future editions of the competition as well.