Welcome to Amsterdam Science

This post highlights the first editorial from the inaugural issue of the magazine.

Welcome to the very first edition of the magazine Amsterdam Science. Amsterdam has a history as a city of scholars. With two universities, two academic medical centres and more than a dozen research institutes and national research centres, the Dutch capital offers a unique environment for all those captivated by nature and the science developed to describe and understand it. In an effort to make this science accessible to all we decided to make a popular science magazine for Amsterdam. Almost a year ago the first steps were taken: organisation of an editorial board, financial support, developing a format with our designers. Although this initiative was born in the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam, the editors of Amsterdam Science soon realised that the many interactions we have with the whole Amsterdam science community called for a wider scope. Scientists from the VU University Amsterdam and CWI were welcomed to the editorial board and the team behind the magazine you are now reading took form. We cover all research areas being pursued in Amsterdam: mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, physics, biological and biomedical sciences, health science, ecology, earth and environmental sciences, forensic science, computer science and logic. The core of the magazine is formed by articles from Master and PhD students, as well as from postdocs and senior researchers. The goal is the same – that of communicating the newest and most interesting science taking place in Amsterdam to a broad audience. This is an opportunity to show each other, and the rest of the world, the enormous creativity, quality, diversity and enthusiasm that characterises the Amsterdam science community. Each issue also carries an in-depth interview, a column and information for and from alumni. We are proud of the first edition. It has been quite an adventure, creating a magazine starting from scratch, and we hope you enjoy browsing through some of the best science Amsterdam has to offer. We will have reached our goal if this first issue stimulates you to participate and to submit a contribution via our website: www.amsterdamscience.org.

If you have any remarks about the content of the magazine or if you have suggestions for interesting subjects, then please contact us (amsterdamscience@gmail.com). Our special thanks goes to all those who have contributed articles and other material for the inaugural issue, to the other members of the editorial board and to our highly organised and irrepressibly cheerful magazine manager, Heleen Verlinde.

Finally, we wish you an inspiring and informative read.

On behalf of the Editors-in-Chief,

Michel Haring